About Us

Keethanow Group Administration Office
P.O. Box 1170
La Ronge, Saskatchewan S0J 1L0
Phone: (306) 425-3283
Fax: (306) 425-3416

The central office currently administers the businesses for the communities of Sucker River, La Ronge, and Hall Lake.

  • Vincent Van de Kamp – General Manager  –  425-3283 ext-254
  • Wanda Fietz – Finance Officer 425-3283 ext-230
  • Tanya Roberts – Finance Clerk ext-250
  • Cory McCallum – KGB IT ext-305
  • Lori Eninew – Finance ext-232
  • Terry Bird – Finance Officer

The Keethanow Group was established to help support the Lac La Ronge Indian Bands retail, gas bar, confectionary, grocery, furniture and Lumber yard businesses with administration services, as to help guide and oversee management. Also to help the Lac La Ronge Indian Band initiate and develop local businesses throughout its communities to enhance viable economic development opportunities for a better quality of life for band members based on the sound business principles of profitability, growth, competitiveness, and creation of employment.

The Keethanow Group has a Board that oversees and reviews the Businesses activities and represents the band membership with issues, concerns, and/or recommendations that may be needed. They also meet periodically (every 2 months) for discussions and reviews.